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COVID-19 Response: The Sunreef Team

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Frequently Asked Questions
14 June 2020

sHow many persons do you allow on board your boats during the Covid social distancing restrictions?

Our limit is based on the government guidelines applicable at the time of your trip and social distancing. This means that each of our vessels has a reduced capacity depending on its size.


What is your prescribed social distancing policy: 1.5m distance and/or 4 sq. metre area?

We are prescribing the social distancing policy provided by Queensland Health at the time of your trip.


Does Sunreef require customers to declare their health & history regarding COVID-19?

Yes, it is important that all of our customers are aware that we have a COVID-19 specific questionnaire that is to be filled out at check-in for all our tours. If some of the questions on this are answered as “YES” we unfortunately will not be able to take any of these customers on board any of our vessels. no refund will be given in this case as all of our customers are notified via email, call and upon booking in our Terms and Conditions.


How will Sunreef prepare and maintain the cleanliness of hire gear such as Masks, Snorkels, regulators and wetsuits?

Before to the COVID-19 outbreak, we maintained a strict cleanliness of all our gear – our hire gear, our guests personal gear, our staff’s personal gear. We however have increased these measures even more, as outlined below:

  • Prior to handing out any dive gear, the employee will thoroughly wash hands with soap and water as per the guidelines – it has been stressed to the staff that they are to avoid touching their face once they have started handling gear and to wash hands again after they have finished.
  • Snorkels, Masks and regulators will be handled without touching the mouth pieces.
  • After gear has been handed out our employees are not to touch the gear again. If this cannot be helped, it is sprayed with an approved sanitisation product which is supplied on each vessel and throughout our premises.
  • All personal dive gear is not to be handled by our employees at any point.
  • Returned hire gear after the trip is finished is soaked in an approved sanitisation product. Our hire gear has special washing instructions and soak times.
Does each diver / Swim with whales participant have to bring their own snacks & drinks to reduce community transmission though the use common utensils?
We have individual serves of chips so there is no common food. We are encouraging all clients to bring their own and telling all to bring their own water bottle.


Do you require passengers on your boats to wear face masks?

Face masks are not required. We do however supply hand soap and sanitizer on board the vessels.


Will you supply a face mask or is a BYO mask required?

Customers can bring their own.


Do you hire pony bottle with regulators for a diver who prefers this form of alternative air supply instead of buddy sharing?

Yes we have this available.


Are Sunreef boats thoroughly cleaned after each dive trip to reduce the possibility of contact transmission as COVID virus can stay on hard metal surfaces for more than 24 hours?

Yes, we have a strict cleaning regime with our approved sanitization products. We do this before clients board the vessel, while all divers are on their dives and after each of the trips.


Does Sunreef provide hand sanitising wipes or alcohol based gels or do you require a customer to bring their own?

We have hand sanitiser available though we welcome our divers to bring their own.

COVID-19 Update
1 June 2020

Sunreef Mooloolaba is happy to announce that we are back up and running after learning that the Queensland state government has brought forward Stage 2 restrictions today. These restrictions being lifted will allow tourism operators to open their doors to Queenslanders.

What this means for us is that our diving, whale watching, swim with whales, courses, hire, and snorkeling will all be available for you to enjoy.

Whale Watching starts on Saturday the 13th of June. Swim with Whales starts on Saturday, the 4th of July.

Check our live calendar to see what else is coming up.

We truly appreciate your continued patience, understanding and support whilst navigating this tricky time. Keep in touch through our online media channels for updates and information about upcoming trips. Stay Safe, and we will see you soon on a Sunreef Experience.

COVID-19 Update
29 May 2020

Sunreef Mooloolaba is looking forward to welcoming guests back to diving tours and also launching our Whale Watching season on 13th June.

We also wanted to provide some clarification around diving operations and our decision to cease dive tours until Phase 2 of the COVID019 restrictions. Until last Friday (22nd May) dive boats Boats had not been specifically identified in the government guidelines, so we based decisions around the premise of our operations being an “Outdoor Sporting Activity” and being able to maintain “Social Distancing”.

That said, on the 22nd, the information update on website, contained the following update in the ‘Non-Essential Business Activity and Undertaking Closure Activity Direction (No. 10)’ – on page 8 of the Q&A:

“I am a tour operator, when can I operate my tours again?

Tourism experiences start up again in Stage 2, June 12. You cannot operate a tour or tourism experience in Stage 1. This includes tour operators and attractions such as dive boats and fishing charters, and ferry operators which operate day-trips for example, Cairns to Green Island or Fitzroy Island and Yeppoon to Great Keppel Island.”

While this statement clearly identified “dive boats” some customers have asked why we are not running dives, when other operators are. While guidelines are open to interpretation, Sunreef has carefully considered its decision.

Sunreef Mooloolaba has decided not to operate until 13th June, based on the following:

If you investigate the directives of the ‘Non-Essential Business Activity and Undertaking Closure Activity Direction (No. 10)’, you will find the following excerpt:

Social sporting-based activities  Limited to 10 people for outdoor sporting-based activities, with no more than one person per 4 square metres and social distancing observed. Social sporting-based activities must comply with the conditions provided in paragraph 12 below. Note – Social sporting-based activities do not include competitions or fixtures.
Paragraph 12

Additional requirements for social sporting-based activities are as follows:

a. limited to non-contact skills training. Accidental contact may occur but no deliberate body contact drills. No wrestling, holding, tackling or binding unless with a member of your household;

b. 10 people includes all players, coaches, spectators and any other person that attends the sporting-based activity;

c. communal showers and change rooms must be closed. Toilets may remain open.

d. minimise use of communal facilities; e. maintain social distancing, hand hygiene and frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection.

Notes: shower with soap before and after training or activity at home; no unnecessary co-mingling, especially outside of the sporting facility – “Get in, train, get out”.

Some operators have determined that they fall under the category of Social Sporting based activity or Outdoor Recreation. Sunreef has decided that while this may be true, that under the Government definitions, and the definitions that we as tourism operators normally use, this would be a false claim and possibly be in direct conflict of government guidelines.


To further support this statement the following is an excerpt from ‘Tourism Noosa COVID-19 Q&A for Operators’. It is a clear definition of these terms:

“QUESTION: Re tourism and recreation experiences

What is the difference between tourism and recreation experience? Why are recreational experiences allowed and tourism experiences not allowed in Stage 1?


A recreational experience is an activity that is engaged in for pleasure or for mental or physical health benefits such as motorcycle riding, jet skiing, boating, driving a motor vehicle, going for a picnic. It is an activity that forms part of your regular routine and that you do in your local region. For example if before restrictions were implemented if you used to go swimming at your local pool, that would be considered a recreational activity.

A tourism experience on the other hand is a paid or organised activity traditionally aimed at the tourism market. While locals may partake in tourism activities the primary audience for these are predominantly people who live outside of the region. Tourism experiences do not form part of your regular routine. Examples of tourism activities include charter fishing boats, 4WD experiences.

Sunreef has been working diligently to put into place essential COVID Plans and procedures for the safety of both clients and staff. We are prepared for launching full operations within the restriction guidelines offstage 2 on June 12th.”

Keep in touch through our online media channels for updates and information about upcoming trips. Stay Safe, and we will see you soon on a Sunreef Experience.