Open Water Course Booking Form

For student's currently undergoing Sunreef's PADI Open Water Course

Please read the following points carefully.
  1. I understand and state that I am physically and mentally capable and trained to participate successfully in open sea condition diving. I further acknowledge that Sunreef Diving will give no refunds for seasickness, inability to equalize or for any other reason that prevents an individual from participating fully.
  2. I have no medical condition that would affect my ability to safely dive and I am not taking any medication that has not been approved by my physician for diving. I am not currently under the effect of alcohol or drugs.
  3. I will not fly within 24hrs from surfacing after my last dive.
  4. Sunreef may cancel or change trip destinations at any time due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.
  5. I will follow the direction of Sunreef staff at all times to ensure a safe and fluid operation. I will listen to all briefings and seek advice if I don't understand any part of the brief.
  6. I take the responsibility for checking the safe and correct operation of my dive equipment prior to diving whether the equipment be provided by myself or Sunreef Hire Gear. I will carry and know how to use the following:- safety sausage, whistle and dive computer.
  7. I take responsibility for the planning of my dive and then diving my plan within a safe NO DECOMPRESSION DIVE.
  8. By acknowledging this, I agree to release Sunreef, its employees/contractors or associated agents from being sued for personal injury, wrongful death or damage to personal equipment. I am fully aware of the contents of this form and have clearly read and understood all the above points. This document is valid for 12 months from date of submission.
  9. By providing your email address you give permission for Sunreef to contact you in regards to diving activities and promotions.
  10. By filling out this form I agree to allow Sunreef Mooloolaba to use any pictures of have myself or any pictures that were taken on my trip on any social media site.
If I am undertaking a dive on the EX-HMAS Brisbane I understand that my first dive will be an orientation dive with guide. No penetration will be allowed. Penetration dives are not to be undertaken if the sea conditions, visibility or diver ability are not seen adequate by Sunreef Employees.
Hire Terms and Conditions
  1. All equipment will be returned to Sunreef Diving Services – 123 Parkyn Pde, Shop 11-12 'The Wharf', Mooloolaba, QLD in a washed and clean condition as it was in upon delivery to the hirer at the commencement of hiring.
  2. If the equipment is returned after the return date, it will be charged for until return, on a daily basis at the regular rates charged by the company.
  3. If any equipment is returned in a damaged state or lost, the same shall be replaced or repaired at Sunreef Diving’s sole discretion. Whenever repairs or replacement is required the amount charged shall be the replacement cost of the Unit at Retail Cost or repair cost.
  4. It is understood that the Hirer is a competent diver and that no claim whatsoever can be forthcoming from the use of the above equipment.
  5. All equipment is to be inspected by the Hirer prior to leaving the dive centre for correct function and serviceability.
  6. Tanks being hired are to be checked to ensure they have a fill pressure of at least 200 Bar.
  7. Once equipment leaves the Dive Centre it is considered hired and no refunds are applicable, including unused air.
  8. Please note that no refund will be issued for any dives not completed.

Course and Trip Booking Cancellation Policies

  1. Cancellation or transfer of course starting dates within 21 days of the nominated start date will result in loss of $330 deposit.
  2. Final payment is due on the first day of the course upon arrival this fee is non- refundable
  3. If any of the medical questions are answered 'yes' a valid 4005.1 AS Dive Medial is required, if this cannot be produced on the first day of the course the above cancellation policies apply.
  4. Failure to turn up for any portion of the course at the time stipulated by Sunreef Employees a additional fee will be charged
  5. If any dives are missed for any reason and additional charter fee is applicable at the discretion of Sunreef Management. This includes but is not limited to seasickness and equalization issues. 
  6. From the first day of your course you have 6 months to complete the course, if you take longer than 6 months to complete the practical components of the course you will be required to pay an additional fee at the discretion of Sunreef Management to complete the practical pool session again, before being able to complete your open water dives.
  7. Your PADI eLearning which is a requirement of the course to be completed before attending your first day of your course expires after exactly 12 months from the day you redeemed your code, this can not be extended.