SUNREEF hosts Industry Collaboration Forum for Sunshine Coast businesses

Whale sequence 3.jpgSunreef will hold an industry collaboration forum today (Tuesday 11th August) in Mooloolaba with Sunshine Coast businesses involved with the tourism industry.

The forum will bring more than 20 tourism businesses together to discuss a more collaborative approach to achieve stronger business results across the Sunshine Coast region.

Sunreef Mooloolaba owner, Dan Hart said that the forum would use Australia's first Swim with Humpback Whales season at Sunreef as an example of how they worked with other local businesses to spread the benefit and achieve media coverage and increase business for all involved.

“Sunreef’s Swim with the Whales experience was held over what is a traditionally a quiet time of the year on the tourism calendar - between July and October. We were able to secure solid bookings and media coverage around the world, reaching over 20 million people. So far this year we have already exceeded that result,” he said.

“The coverage we received helped to boost the Sunshine Coast as a tourist destination and create greater awareness of what our region has to offer,” Dan said.

Dan said with the support of Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd, there is a lot that can be achieved by direct collaboration and partnerships between businesses and this event is designed to bring everyone together to achieve that.

The forum will also see a special presentation by Sunreef Mooloolaba to SunnyKids following a fundraising weekend they held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the scuttling of the HMAS Brisbane last month.

After celebrating the anniversary on Friday, 31st July with special dives and the World’s first live underwater radio broadcast from a wreck with Mix FM, Sunreef declared free diving all weekend, asking that divers ‘pay it forward’ with a donation to support at risk kids on the Coast through SunnyKids.

“We had more than 120 people dive throughout the weekend and the SunnyKids team came and sold hot dogs to the divers and those who were swimming with whales with us throughout the weekend.”

Dan said for Sunreef it was an opportunity to say thanks to the divers who support them and also contribute to the Sunshine Coast community through SunnyKids.

“The ex-HMAS Brisbane has been great for the Sunshine Coast economy – in the first four years since she was scuttled she brought $20million into the Coast economy and since then she has brought in a further $4-5million so the weekend was an opportunity for us to help her give even more back.”

Dan said he was proud to say that divers donations and the sale of hot dogs throughout the weekend had raised $6,425.60 for the charity.

Sunreef Mooloolaba, based in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, is the longest established dive centre on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia) with roots starting back in 1976.

Sunreef is a 5 Star PADI Training Centre and offers accredited dive courses for all levels of divers as well as local reef dives, snorkelling trips and diving on the ex-HMAS Brisbane. Sunreef also plans and guides international dive trips and travel as well as dive equipment sales and servicing.

The whale swimming and watching operations work out of Mooloolaba in the heart of Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. The 2015 Swim with the whales experience will launch in July 2015 and run through til the end of October.

For more information on Sunreef and swimming with the whales visit or call 07 5444 5656.