Diving the Sunshine Coast

We have a range of exciting sites just waiting for you to explore.

The Ex-HMAS Brisbane

Dive one the Worlds best Wrecks the EX HMAS Brisbane, a decommissioned guided missile destroyer. Located just 2.9 nautical miles offshore which makes it an easy venture out and is available to dive all year round. 

Sunreef has exclusive use of the 2 midship moorings, making for 2 leisurely dives in which you can visit the entire wreck comfortably. 
Explore the outside of the wreck and encounter an abundance of local aquatic sea life that inhabits her. Then explore the depths of her hull, enter the engine room or even visit the control room where her kill switches are still in tact.
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Flinders Reef

Flinders Reef is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Queensland. Hailed by divers and snorkelers alike for its pristine conditions and stunning visibility year round. 
Flinders Reef is known for the abundance of Green Sea Turtles which inhabit the entire reef system. If beautiful coral reefs are your idea of the perfect dive, look no further. It has the highest number of coral species of any sub tropical reef system along Australia's East Coast. 
Swim throughs, caves and pinnacles are scattered throughout this reef with something new to discover each time. Sunreef is the only company currently offering full 60 minute dives at stunning Flinders Reef
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The Local Reefs

The Sunshine Coast has a beautiful reef system and Mooloolaba is right in the centre of it. Stretching all the way up and down the coast are beautiful coral structures and plenty of rock formations. We are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to dive sites with over 25 places to explore including Mudjimba island, Fairyland, Caves, Wobby Rock, Pinnacles and Hanging rock just to name few. The fish life on the Sunshine Coast is nothing short of spectacular with a large variety of Pelagic fish including huge schools of Kingfish, Dewfish, Snapper, Anemone Fish (Nemo), Bull rays, Stingrays, Lionfish, Turtles, and the largest variety of Nudibranchs in the world. All of these amazing species and dive sites can be found within 7km of the Mooloolaba shoreline making the boat ride no more than 20 minutes.

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Nudibranch Double Dive

Explore the wonderful world of nudibranchs with Sunreef and nudibranch specialists around Mooloolaba's local reefs


Canon Collective Photography Double Dive on Local Reefs

Working with Canon, the day gives you time to learn how to get the most out of your underwater photography before, during, and after the dive with a Canon representative.

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Night Ex-HMAS Brisbane Single Dive

Diving the wreck at night is a unique experience for anyone. Not only does the wreck have a different feel, but different "residents" also appear. These nocturnal animals come out, feeding and frolicking in the darkness of the night.


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